Dire Wolf -> digirig -> Baofeng UV5R

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I built a Digipeater on a Raspberry Pi-0 with Dire Wolf and need to connect it to a Baofeng UV5R. Would a digirig be a plug and play solution with the proper cable? I have tried USB sound cards, etc., but they were not able to handle the keying of the radio. As soon as I plugged in a cable the radio would transmit and not stop until the plug was removed from the jack. I’m looking for a solution.

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Chris W4LUC

Yes, Digirig is known to work with UV5R and with Direwolf.
Make sure you set PTT method to RTS.

Hi Denis,

Thank you for the information. I will order one. As I already have a Baofeng programming cable, is there a way to order the single cable?


Yes, follow up your order with a email and I’ll issue a partial refund.

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