DIY cable for Hermes Lite 2 PTT

I built a prototype cable to use the Digirig v1.9 audio output to pull PTT on the Hermes Lite 2. I am using it with Quisk software.

The construction is:

Digirig side TRRS:

T - no connect
R1 - no connect
R2 - PTT

Hermes Lite 2 side TRS:

T - no connect

The schematics are:

Digirig side:
Screenshot 2023-11-03 224350

HL2 side:
Screenshot 2023-11-01 230937

73 Constrainted

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I used these terminal block cables from Amazon. They were supposed to accommodate AWG28 - AWG16, but I had a hard time with AWG18. The smaller gauges might work better. How do you prototype your 3.5mm audio cables? How would you build a finished cable but still DIY?

73 Constrainted