Do i need a different Digirig rather than what i already have

I had purchased a digirig for use with my Yaesu FT5D with appropriate cables a while ago. I now also have a Yaesu FTM 300D…can i use the same digirig “box” with the 300? I know I’ll need to purchase the 10 pin cables…just not sure if HT’s digirig is the same and ok to use…sorry…I’m new to this digital world.

Thank You & 73


The Digirig configuration only matters for transceivers with CAT control. Your Yaesu FT-5D does not support CAT control so you likely received Digirig in it’s default configuration (Logic Levels). That happens to be the exact configuration that your Yaesu FTM-300D needs if you plan to use it with the cable facilitating the CAT control.

Thank You Dennis