Does Digirig support audio interface and Serial (CI-V) working at the same time?

I have an icom IC-2730A in my hand, a manufactured Digirig v1.9 circuit board, and I now have a basic understanding of the ICOM RJ-45 cable and the working principle of controlling PTT through RTS. I want to communicate (CI-V serial) through my PC, Digirig and ic-2730, read and set frequency and other information, and at the same time, output the audio signal to the mic of the radio station through audio/PTT to transmit the audio. If I implement this functionality by writing my own code (using hamlib), will native Digirig v1.9 be able to provide this support?

Digirig will supply a standard serial port to the computer and CI-V serial connection to the radio. If radio supports CAT control then all you need a correct cable. The CAT functionality already exists in many popular ham apps.

And yes, that works at the same time with audio codec and hardware PTT control.

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This is the newly manufactured PCB, IC and other parts are on the way. Hope it works well.

Nice. Good luck with the build! I don’t miss prototyping it :slight_smile:
That diode in CI-V circuit is a tiny fella.


Thanks, hope my welding skills don’t ruin it.

You mentioned CI-V, which reminds me of the configuration of CI-V in the circuit diagram. There is only one RXD pin leading to the radio equipment. I am still curious about how it can transmit and receive through only one line.

One line for send and receive, but not at the same time.
The line has weak pullup and sides take turns transmitting by pulling it to the ground.
Diode allows TX signal to pull the line down without strongly holding it up while other side is pulling it down.

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