DR-891 Sound card lost speakers on USB-C

I have a new DR-891 and was setting the setting in mu Win 11 computer. Using a USB-c to C cable at first i had both the USB speaker and USB mic in system. At some point my computer lost the USB Speaker. it shows up if I use a USB-C to USB A cable.

Not sure where I should be looking to get the C to C cable to work. Tried a couple different cables, re starts and trouble shooter in Win. no luck.

Do you still see the USB mic with USB C/C cable? If that’s the case the issue is not with the cable.
Check that you didn’t accidentally disable the playback device while trying to move the defaults.

The icon will look like the one highlighted here if the device has been disabled, although for microphone rather than speakers.

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I can not see that on my device manager. I have the Mic but no speakers. I original had both USB Mic and USB speakers.

I execute mmsys.cpl in a command prompt window to check the settings. What does that show you?

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Do you see any additional entries with View->Show Hidden Devices enabled?

OK that command got me to be able to enable the device.

Thanks for the help.

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Excellent! Are you on the air now?

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I work in dummy load. I will try in field set up this weekend.

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