Echolink with FT2900

I just purchased a Digirig mobile unit to connect to my Yaesu FT-2900. The goal is to run Echolink from a laptop to my radio, and connect to the repeater to give more access (I have permission for this).

Every time I try to connect via the Echolink software, there’s an issue. If I connect Direct-controlled, I can transmit through the radio but none of the received audio comes in to the Echolink app. If I connect via VOX-controlled, I can hear the input audio but none of the transmitted audio from the laptop goes over the air. The correct devices are selected when I am testing.

Does anyone have any tricks to get this working?

Let’s test individual functions (audio in, audio out and PTT).
Here are the relevant videos for troubleshooting:

Please share your findings or any additional questions.

My issues might be Echolink software specific… My computer is recognizing the audio in from the Digirig (I can hear it), but the Echolink software is not recognizing the audio on the Digirig.

I’m not familiar with the Echolink settings. Is there a selection of audio devices and Digirig is not listed there?

It is listed there. When I load in VOX mode the input audio works but not the PTT. When I select direct control mode the PTT works but the input audio does not. The recorder app is hearing the audio but Echolink is not registering any input audio on direct control mode.

I looked up the manual for Echolink. Do you see this PTT option in the settings?

COM port will have to be changed to Digirig’s.

I’ll have to get into the settings tomorrow, I have it set at a different location from my home. It was either set to RTS or DTR with the proper serial port.

Thanks, this helped me solve it. On RX Ctrl I had to update it to VOX, and TX Ctrl had to be at RTS with the COM port. The default settings are either both are VOX or both are direct control. Thank you again for this help!

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