Elecraft KX2/KX3, iPhone/iPad, digirig, Apps

What experience have you had using digirig with iPhone or iPad and Elecraft KX3 and KX2? What iOS or iPadOS apps have you used for digital modes and/or CAT control and/or logging with that combination?

In the past I used the Pignology Pigtail for wifi connectivity between the KX3 and iPhone, but it is no longer supported. I had only used it for logging and CAT connectivity with the Pignology HamLog app.

Recently, I have used iFTx with the KX2 for FT8 with no interface (using VOX instead of PTT and no CAT). Adding the digirig will provide CAT and PTT. I’m looking for other iPhone/iPad apps for logging and additional digital modes with the digirig. Your suggestions and guidance on these topics are much appreciated!

Thanks! WF4Z

I don’t have your gear, but I don’t want your question to go too long without a response. There is a thread on the topic of iOS apps:

73 Constrainted

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Thank you!

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