Elecraft KX3 with Digirig mobile using Elecraft PX3

If you are lucky enough to have an Elecraft KX3/PX3 pair, it works fine with Digirig mobile.

  1. Power off all
  2. Connect the Digirig Serial cable to the ACC1/PC port on the PX3.
  3. Connect Digirig Mic and Phone cables to KX3 MIC and Phone sockets
  4. Connect the PX3 to KX3 cable pair (ACC1 / RX-IO)
  5. Power on and use it.
    73 WD0UG Doug

Very nice! Good news!

TU Doug,

Looking foward to getting this station running soundcard modes


it is fun squared!
here is part of my shack with kx3 shown.
73 wd0ug doug

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