Errors after FT8 transmission

Hello all. I setup my Icom IC-7000 for portable operation with a DigiRig for FT4 and FT8 operation while camping. Regardless of my power settings I keep getting an error message and after the initial broadcast, it stops transmitting. I’m using the correct cables, which I bought when I bought my DigiRig. I’ll paste the message below and perhaps someone can help me.

ONE MORE NOTE: When i bought the cables for my DigiRig, I did not see cables listed for the IC7000, so i bought the cables for the IC706. Could this be a part of the problem? Also since this radio is older, I’ve not been able to find any help with the settings in the radio itself.

Hamlib error: read_string_generic called, rxmax=4095 direct=1, expected_len=1
write_block(): TX 7 bytes, method=2
0000 fe fe 70 e0 1c 00 fd …p…
read_string_generic called, rxmax=200 direct=1, expected_len=1
read_string_generic(): Timed out 1.000 seconds after 0 chars, direct=1
29:frame.c(185):icom_one_transaction returning(-13) Communication bus error

Communication bus error

Communication bus error

28:frame.c(455):icom_transaction returning(-13) Communication bus error

27:icom.c(5067):icom_get_ptt returning(-13) Communication bus error

26:rig_get_ptt: elapsed=4414ms
26:rig.c(3343):rig_get_ptt returning(-13) Communication bus error

Communication bus error
Communication bus error
while getting PTT state

Timestamp: 2024-03-30T02:15:36.033Z

I do not have your radio, but I do not want your question to go too long without a response. Since the error comes after transmit, it may be RFI. Have you tried RF chokes on the USB cable and the feedline?

73 Constrainted

Indeed, I have. I forgot to mention this is only while using my Mac mini. If I used the setup with my PC, no issues!

Take a moment and go back through all your settings. Start with com ports then check the count settings on your Mac. Finally double check the audio and com settings in wsjtx.

As strange as it sounds, I have found that changing to different setting then going back in wsjtx seems to correct my random issues.