Fldigi/Flrig/Digirig Settings Windows 10

Having trouble getting this set up properly on my Laptop. Can someone post their settings and explain how Flrig comes into the equation. I know I can run the radio solely off the Digirig. FT-891

Just for more detail. With Flrig running. It will key the radio but will not unkey. It just wants to stay keyed. The two are just not happy

Possibly an RFI issue. Please see “sticky PTT” section of the troubleshooting guide.

Thanks! I’ll let you know what I figure out.

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Took the tuner out of line and tuned my ham stick for digital on 40 and it works just fine now. Thanks again! Would have sworn a setting was off


Thanks for reporting your success after troubleshooting!

73 Constrainted

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I use the USB to USB to interface cat control. And then I use the didgerid interface cable to control everything else. Beyond that use the PNP drivers for microphone and sound as well. You must use the Windows PNP drivers for this. It works very well once you get them set up and lock it in as the default