Fldigi hamlib use

Hello i just purchased a digirig for my ft-818. I have successfully hooked up fldigi to my ftdx3000 a while back using the hamlib features. Ive configured the usb port and audio codec as the site says made the proper adjustments in the 818 menus. Windows says my driver is up to date. I guess my question is can i use hamlib in fldigi for ft-817? All i get is i-o port error when i try to initialize. While trying this it locked up in transmit once and i get nothing after other attempts. Thanks for your time. Dustin AA8NN

Ok an update on my situation. I downloaded the latest versions of flrig and fldigi. I have successfully connected to flrig and have cat control. I have successfully connected the ft-818 to fldigi using flrig and have cat control. I have the usb pnp devices in fldigi. When in transmit it seems that i have no output. I tried to reverse right and left channels and no joy. Any suggestion would be great. Thanks Dustin AA8NN

After much fooling around i figured out that changing the microphone slider in windows sound manager makes the waterfall in fldigi chang colors. The speaker slider does nothing. Im guesing thats not supposed to do that. After days uf fooling around with this thing im about to throw it out of the window

What is the current issue you are trying to resolve?

I believe that I have everything working correctly. In fact i think my whole problem was that i had the 818 in the wrong mode the whole time i feel stupid. I had a qso with it this morning and worked great with fldigi on psk31. Thank you for helping me out. Sorry for my ignorance.

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