FreeDATA software + FT-817

I have find FreeDATA software but I wonder if someone here have try it with DigiRig.
I’m testing but doesn’t success to connect. I got the perspective that it could be a issue with digirig wiring or hardware/jumper config. of my radio.
It was no problem to connect to WSJT-X but I don’t know what the issue can be, hope some of you can help me.

If you can configure Digirig with at least one app (e.g. WJST-X), then that rules out the hardware problems including the jumpers configuration.

Please post the configuration screens for the app you are trying to configure and I’ll suggest the settings.

Sorry for my late answer.

The playback device selection doesn’t look like it’s pointing to Digirig.
Also in PTT settings see if there is RTS option associated with Digirig’s COM port.

No, there is none RTS in the settings

It is possible that RTS option for PTT is activated by selecting Digirig’s port under “PTT Device Port”.
There is also option for PTT via CAT command.
Also don’t forget to correct audio device settings making sure both are pointing to Digirig’s components.

The settings I use is this, I could connect from one radio to the other today and even send message (it was very slow but it sent) but I could only do this from one radio.

In the settings they have Serial RTS to choose in PTT type. And I tried with DTR ON. I raised the serial speed to 38400. It was a little bit better but not much. I’m able to send messages now but it is not stable (not work all time).
I found out that some electronics here affects.

If you experience errors during transmit, please see “sticky PTT” section in the troubleshooting guide.

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I got low link margin: 0 dB sometimes when I try to send message but no error except of that

Sounds like everything works in principle. The issue may be due to audio levels or RF link quality.
You can rule out RF link by setting up a second station next to the station that you troubleshoot.

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The both radio I test on is near each other (I think it’s near enough - they are in same ‘‘room’’)
But I don’t know if it is because of the software or radio.

With the tests I have done I have success to see the other radio some times, or one radio see and the other doesn’t see…
I have test with two radios near to each other and I have tried with a radio a bit far away. With the radio near I have success to send message (even if 6 charachter took near 5 minutes to send) but with the other radio it wasn’t the same they doesn’t see each other but I could hear and see in the waterfall when they send CQ and beacons (when they tried to connect)

At this point I would focus on the audio levels. Start with low levels and add as needed.
It would help to have a partner whos station is already set up and working so you don’t have to troubleshoot two stations at the same time.

I tried with low and higher audio levels but it was the same.
Does it matter which mode I’m in? I use DIG mode, but have try USB LSB but dont get any success

Does Digirig have a own program?

There is no special application needed for Digirig. All the settings are done via the system utilities.

Thank you for the link, but I have a question…

I tested my Digirig on FreeDATA yesterday with longer distance (about some km’s) and this time we could see each other and when one side send CQ/Ping the other side could see it. Even when one of the side wanted to send message the other side could get request but message couldn’t be send.
My question is how much does the snr influence? I got most -1.4 to -2.3, one time I got snr -0.6 and when I tried to send message it was -3.

To a different extend signal-to-noise ration plays a role in all communications. Some protocols/methods (e.g. CW, FT8) are more tolerant to noise level than others. You can probably get a well informed answer from the FreeDATA project maintainers.

Thanks for your reply. But I can’t communicate with them except of via Discord and I don’t use discord. Therefore I wanted to ask you.