FT-7800 APRSdroid

I have the following:
Digirig v1.9
Yaesu RJ-12 Cable for Digirig Mobile
Yaesu FT-8xx cords for Digirig Mobile
Yaesu FT-7800

I’m running APRSdroid v1.6.2b

Problem, I cannot transmit/send data

If the Connection Protocol is set to Audio (AFSK), then I do not see my transceiver keying up. Unfortunately, the FT-7800 does not have an option to enable VOX. Selecting Start Tracking does not key the PTT, but the app is able to decode incoming APRS packets.

If the Connection Protocol is set to TNC (KISS), then pressing Send Position results in the PTT being momentarily triggered, but there is no data being sent. Selecting Start Tracking, ends up holding PTT indefinitely.

I feel like if the Digirig could enable the PTT on the AUDIO port when it detects a signal then my problem would be solved. Although, I don’t know if this would create different problems for different setups.

The PTT by RTS is not currently supported by APRSdroid, and they sounded willing to collaborate on the implementation. Please stay tuned for the updates here and through the mailing list.