FT-7800R 9600bd UZ7HO hs_soundmodem levels

Greetings, I am trying to understand the Digirig Mobile soundmodem interface with WIN10, UZ7HO hs_soundmodem and the FT-7800. The WIN10 Mixer Playback level defaults to 99% and the Recording is set to 0%. I have no problem receiving the local 9k6 data packets. I can connect outgoing on occasion with the initial settings. However, if I increase the Record there is no connection.
Test case is with hs_soundmodem and EasyTerm. PTT is active.
The FT-7800R has an 500mv data out at 9600bd

What I am not understanding is the Mic at 0%
Apparently the soundmodem receive is working fine at 9k6.

Make sure you uncheck AGC under “custom” tab in Digirig’s recording device.
With that out of the way, you should be able to adjust the Digirig’s input sensitivity using the level slider in the “level” tab of the recording device.

That is a new one for me. Thank you. Now unchecked.

Is there a nominal start value that is recommended?

I’d start with something like 20 and then adjust up or down as needed. More info here:

Thank you once again sir