FT-817 WSJT-x Frequency Shifting During Transmit

I am testing a used FT-817 and have noticed an unusual issue in digital mode with WSJT-x and the digirig. I am using FLRIG and Split mode on the radio. I am seeing the receive frequency shift down from 14.074 to 14.073 and it stays there after transit is finished. Has anyone seen this before? Is something goofy with the radio?

I would let WSJT-X handle the split so it knows what is going on. There are several options in the configuration - see what works best with your transceiver.

Yep, WSJT is configured to handle the split, I selected Rig rather then fake it… It is weird that VFO A is shifted down and stays there rather than the the system using VFO B and then reverting back to VFO A for the next transmit cycle. Its like split is not working.

Do you have the same effect if you key up the radio from mic?
What about faked split?

That works, vfo a and b flip nicely in ssb. I think I have a hamlib issue. When i try to configure wxjt to use cat directly (no flrig) I get a hamlib error.

What does the message say?
Maybe FlRig still holds the port open.

It is lengthy but in short its saying that flrig can not send the command to the rig to change the VFO. I will screen cap the next one. I think something is confused about what VFO is in use. I pick A and the radio hops to B. All works from the radio as expected.

Hmm, something like this has been seen before. I might downgrade WSJT


I have this problem.


Looks like the solution is available in the forum. Please keep us posted on your progress.

I reverted back to wsjtx 2.6.0, set the mode to none in wsjtx, reduced the cat rate to 9600 and now the txvr flips between vfo a and vfo b during rx/tx cycles.

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