Ft-857 and RemoteHams

Has anyone used Digirig with FT-857 and RemoteHams?

I have connected everything up as suggested, adjusted settings on the radio and connected ok to RemoteHams server software.

When using the client software from another location, I can connect to the radio, control the frequency, listen to the QSO’s, press the PTT and see that the radio is transmitting. But there is no audio coming coming from the radio when I talk on the client program. The RemoteHams forum suggests that I might need to connect to the mic interface instead of the data port or adjust the digital settings on the radio for PSK instead of “other”. I tried this and it does not work.

Thanks, George VY1GP

I’m not familiar with the RemoteHams software, but to determine if the issue is related to hardware, audio levels or remote software configuration I would first try to use digital modes locally (e.g. WSJT-X test). Based on the results of the test you can focus your troubleshooting efforts.

Thanks, K0TX,

  • I had it running on WSJT, but it would not work when I just tried it. I think I need to go through settings again.