FT-857D & WSJT-X Log Error File Issues


I’ve been working through setting up WSJT-X on my FT-857D. My flrig seems to be working, but I keep getting errors inside of WSJT-X. I feel like maybe I’m missing files, but I just installed it and didn’t see anything talking about that.

Anyone have any thoughts? (Log File Below):
Hamlib error: rig_token_lookup called for no_xchg
rig_confparam_lookup called for no_xchg
1:rig.c(817):rig_open entered
rig_settings_get_path: path=.hamlib_settings
rig_settings_load_all: settings_file (.hamlib_settings): No such file or directory
rig_open: cwd=C:\WSJT\wsjtx
rig_open: C:\WSJT\wsjtx/hamlib_settings does not exist
rig_open: async_data_enable=0, async_data_supported=0
serial_open: COM3
serial_open(229): open failed#1
serial_open(229): open failed#2
serial_open(229): open failed#3
serial_open(229): open failed#4
serial_open: Unable to open COM3 - No such file or directory
port_open: serial_open(COM3) status=-6, err=No such file or directory
rig_open: rs->comm_state==0?=0
1:rig.c(1023):rig_open returning(-6) IO error
IO error
IO error
while opening connection to rig
Timestamp: 2023-07-23T02:35:28.081Z

Let’s deal with the message related to COM3:
Can you please post the screenshots of the device manager showing Digirig’s COM port as well as the screenshot of rig tab of WSJT-X configuration.