FT-891, DigiRig, and Android tablet with only one USB port

My beautiful bride of nearly 45 years gave me another DigiRig.
She also gave me a Lenovo Android tablet for Christmas.
I already had a DigiRig with the DigiRig cables for the FT-891. My Windows 10 laptop and WSJT-X were easy to setup for my FT-891.
But, now, of course I want to use the tablet to do FT-8. The catch is that the tablet has only a single USB port. Of course for the FT-891, two USB ports are required: one for CAT control and one to go to the DigiRig. That never bothered me on the laptop, but now I’m wondering if I can connect a USB hub to the single USB port on the tablet and then plug the DigiRig into one port and the CAT control USB to the USB-B FT-891 port.
And, if that does work, I’d like to suggest to Denis to make a version of DigiRig with a built in USB hub. It’s all about me, me, me! :innocent:

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can the remote jack be used for cat control instead of the usb port?

The remote jack? I guess I don’t understand what you mean. I don’t know of a Remote Jack on the tablet
There’s no problem with the number of ports on the FT-891. The Lenovo tablet only has a single USB port. That’s the end where I need an additional USB port.

sorry, i thought the jack marked REM on the 891 might work like icom radios with USB built in.

the icom has a usb port that can do CAT (ci-v) control OR you can use the REM jack for cat control.

if so, the digirig cat port could connect to the radio.

if the 891 REM port doesn’t work this way, i apologize, i’m definitely not an expert :slight_smile:


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I’m interested now since I just found out about WoAD and I also have an FT-891 and digirig. I have been using it without issue with my HP laptop, but would like to know if the USB hub works with the tablet. Keep us updated!

n4bpd- Bryan

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The Remote jack on the radio is for connecting to a keypad that Yaesu sells (or you can make with a handful of temporary switches and resistors.) That jack cannot be used for CAT control. But it’s not needed for CAT control. The built in USB port on the FT-891 is specifically for CAT control and works well. I just need more USB ports on the tablet because it takes two with the FT-891, one for audio and one for CAT control.

I put the wrong tablet on my wishlist and my wife bought me what I asked for. Funny how that works. :smile:

Will something like this help:

Amazon.com: AuviPal 3-Port Micro USB OTG Hub Adapter (3 USB Ports + Power Port) for Fire Stick 4K, Playstation Classic, Raspberry Pi Zero, Sega Genesis Mini, S/NES Classic Mini and More - Black : Electronics

73 Constrainted

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Welcome to the forum!
I was hoping that Denis (@K0TX) would chime in and lend some words of either encouragement or tell me I’m barking up the wrong tree. Or let me know if there’s something I should watch for in a USB hub. But I didn’t tag him earlier.
I will definitely post my progress or lack thereof.
Again, welcome to the forum.

Thank you. That might be just the ticket. Of course there are about 40 other choices that I will look at also ranging from $8 to $20. I see an Anker brand also and I have had good experiences with Anker external power packs.
Thanks again!

I have a RCA tablet with only one USB port, and I use a USB 2.0 hub to run my TruSDX, which needs one USB port for cat control a second for the digirig. It works well. Cost under $10.


That’s great to know. Is the hub anything special? What software are you using on the RCA tablet? (I didn’t know they were still in business.)

The hub isn’t anything special. My digirig and cat control both work with a cheap little USB 2.0 hub. You don’t need to spend any extra money on a 3.0, but those are also cheap and still work just as fine. They are very cheap on Amazon. It will display multiple USB ports just as if your computer had multiple native USB ports.

The RCA is the Cambio model, I believe? I don’t recommend it, and I’m replacing it soon with an Evolve III Maestro. The Cambio is prone to RF interference, doesn’t keep time for more than a day (for JS8) and has poor battery life. But, it has a detachable keyboard and can charge from micro USB, so its not all bad. It is working for now.

I have successfully used WSJTX, JS8Call, Winlink, VarAC, FLRIG, and FLDIGI with that tablet. It runs Windows 10.

I just realized I can reply to this forum by email, so hopefully the formatting of this message comes out okay.

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Hi Steve, I ranninto this same problem except I have the CAT control port gping to the Yaesu Tuner so what I did was program the various FT8 and FT4 frequencies into memory, and just switch the memory on the 891 when I switch bands on WSJT-X. This way I use 1 USB-C cable to the Digirig and just the Audio side of the Digirig, which also does the PTT. I found it easier than trying to use hubs and plug and unplug the CAT control plug to switch between the Digirig and the ATU. Good Luck 73 Matt NA1Q

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Thanks, I considered that and perhaps that’s what I end up doing, but if I can get it all to work I would like to. There are other android rig control programs that I would like to experiment with as well. I’m spoiled; I want it all!!! :smile: