Ft-891 + hrd no transmit audio

Ill try to be brief. Have the Digirig hooked to my FT-891. I am using Ham Radio Deluxe with DM780 for digital modes. Computer is a 1 year old Dell Inspiron 16. I have full rig control through the USB cable from the computer to my radio. I am getting audio to the computer as I can see and decode signals on the waterfall on the DM780 program. When I hit send, PTT is activated but there is no audio out. my external power/swr meter doesnt even twitch. Anyone run into similar issues and if so, how did you correct them? I have literally been playing with this for a week and feel like there is something simple I am missing. Any help wou;d be greatly appreciated. Ill keep trying in the meantime and update if there is any change.


That’s frustrating to be troubleshooting for a week! Let’s get you on the air! I don’t use HRD, DM780. I don’t own a Yaesu FT-891, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

You can check the audio out from the Digirig with 3.5mm TRS connector earbud pair. A step-by-step approach to isolate and solve each issue in turn is explained in the guide, Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig.

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What mode is your FT-891 in? In Data Mode it gets it’s data from the rear jack by default, but in SSB mode defaults to the front MIC jack. Menu 11-05 allows you to set the rear as the source to transmit for SSB. Menu 08-09 allows you to set the rear to the source for data, but that should be the default.

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