FT-891 JS8call cat control no transmit

FT-891 configured for JS8 call Have green cat control, receives fine though transmit goes red it will not trigger the radio.

Did you set PTT by RTS?

Yes, Followed the videos posted and went over the settings several times. Considering a full reset and trying again. Just weird I have the cat and ptt lights saying its ok.


This sounds frustrating. Do you mean no carrier or carrier but no audio? On Windows 11, I often have strange situations with carrier but no audio. The OS disables the audio devices and I need to re-enable them. Do you have a way to monitor your radio’s output?

73 Constrainted

Win 10. js8 shows it should transmit but 891 does nothing. Weird and never had this issue before but never ran digirig either… Cat works, it changes frequency with no issues.

@Tyler_Durden I have “Transmitter TX off at startup”

checked in the Configuration, like this screenshot shows. That means I have to push the TX button in the upper right hand of the main window. Then the TX button turns from gray to green and TX is be enabled. How is yours set?

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yes, That box was checked. Doing a hard reset now and will try again. Something must be off is my best guess though checked it several times. Will report back

@Tyler_Durden Good luck.

73 Constrainted