FT-897 Problem, No power output

I just set up my Digirig on my FT-897. I am receiving on both JS8Call and FLDigi. The unit will show transmit , but I am not showing any power on my Watt meter. Any suggestions.

I have the CAT working on my computer using FLRIG, It shows transmit, but no power on the Power meter. I have a 1/8 inch cable from the radio speaker to the Digirig Also.

If you don’t get the power out it’s likely that the audio from Digirig is not reaching the radio.

  • make sure Digirig’s sound device is selected in digital modes app
  • make sure audio levels are set in control panel and in the app
  • check that there is audio output from Digirig by plugging in a regular headphones into the audio socket. Audio will be heard on one side
  • check transceiver’s settings to make sure that the audio input is taken from the accessory port and not from the mic.
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