FT-897D WINLINK fail

I have the Digirig Mini and matching cables. I have these settings on the FT-897D:
Menu 85-Off
Menu 20-CAT
Menu 38 User-U
Menu 73-1200
Menu 10-38400AGC-MFI

My comp sees the PnP USB sound card Com 3

Vara FM: PTT / COM/Com 3/RTS

When I start a Winlink Session I can hear the radio calling out, set to 3 tries. Doesn’t connect. I verified audio contact via FM simplex. The other station hears the same 3 rings. What am I missing?

This is just a guess, but I’ve had a similar problem caused by my volume being too high.

Everything seemed to work, but the distant end wouldn’t respond until I turned my transmit volume down.

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