FT1000D, XGGcomms, & CAT Control

I have the Yaesu FT1000D and XGGComms CAT control (only) interface. It takes data from the CAT socket on the rear to control the radio. That I have working. My question is, now that I only need the sound card interface, would it be best to get Digirig ONLY for the sound card aspect? I tried using OmniRig in the past with the Yaesu FT1000D but it was a no go. Wondering if there is any particular advantage to Digirig for CAt control over the XGGcomm.

Scott W1AL

Yes, you can use Digirig for audio + PTT only with another interface for the CAT control. It is a cleaner setup when you don’t have a separate CAT dongle and use Digirig’s serial port, but other aspects will be the same.