FT2900 & DIGIRIG application

After viewing your training video and checking the internal setup of my Vers. 1.9 DIGIRIG with my FT2900 - T/R works great.
It worked so well, I added an ‘A/B’ data switch to allow my use of the FTY2900 without disconnecting the cables. I modified the switch by adding spkr sockets (I/O, A & B) and wiring to the unused 6 connections on the internal selector switch to select a data follow spkr setup. The common I/O connections connect the radio, ‘A’ to radio & ‘B’ to my laptop. My stumble was not first using the ‘audio’ input; after which all worked great.
This will also allow me to move my laptop to the car’s FT2900, with a simple 2 cable hookup.


I left pictures on my face book page if my description is not adequate.


@Art_Bartlett Thanks for expanding your explanation. You can use the upload button:

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73 Constrainted