FT5D digirig cat control possible?

I was curious if anyone knows if cat control of a ft5d is possible?

No CAT control, but audio and PTT via RTS. Required components:

If CAT control is possible with that HT, we can figure out the cable pinout.

EDIT: I checked the operating manual for FT-5D/R and found no references of CAT, CI-V or serial interface or even memory programming from PC. Computer connection is only mentioned for firmware update. Let me know if I missed anything.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah I’m with you on the manual except i believe Yaesu can control the radio to an extent with an wires x interface. When I’ve looked at the software you can define the frequency and some other parameters and it seems to set it up in the radio. I have not used my ft5d in this way so I’m not 100 percent on this as I’m just going by pictures in the manual and online. I’ll do some more digging and see if that is the case.

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Just remember: Any DR Mobile AUDIO will work with generally any rig.

However, the CAT control is made for each of the main CAT protocols:. Icom, Yeasu, Kenwood, logic level

Example:. I am using a DR for Winlink using AUDIO for UV5R, Y FT70D and FTM6000, and IC703+

However, the ICom Dr will only do rig control for IComs, in this case, the 703.

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