FT8 or JS8Call over FM?

I was reading the digirig article called “VHF/UHF Digital Modes with budget HTs” (link below) and was wondering if it is suggesting that digital modes such as FT8 and JS8Call be used over the “channelized” FM transmit capabilities that most budget HT’s use? Unless I’m mistaken, this will mean that an FT8 or JS8Call transmission will take up the full channel during the course the transmission. On an HF rig with SSB you can share many many more conversations over the same amount of bandwidth. Am I understanding this correctly?

You are correct. This was more of the proof of concept and it worked for the purpose. The modes such as FT8 and JS8Call are utilized best over SSB where multiple parties can transmit over the same audio channel.

Thanks for confirming. I was so excited to think I could do FT8 or JS8Call over my HT :slight_smile: Unfortunately I am not aware of any HTs that support SSB. Is there a digital mode “made for” channelized VHF/UHF? APRS is one but is not really intended for chat and is “assisted” by digipeaters and so forth. Just wondering what other options there are.

You can still use your FM HT for FT8/JS8Call, just with one station transmitting at a time.
The popular FM modes are Winlink with VaraFM/SoundModem, APRS, SSTV