FTM-400 and DigiRig TX on Memory Band B

I just started using Fldigi and the DigiRig. I noticed that the DigiRig always uses the Frequency selected on Memory Band B of my FTM-400. Is that a user selectable option in the Fldigi software to change to Memory Band A? I’m using the Yaesu Mini din (10 pin) cable with my laptop or is that just the way it works?

73 - Paul (KD8BXY)

Digirig facilitates the link between computer and radio but it is oblivious to what they are communicating over the serial port. The issue you are describing is likely to do with software or radio. I searched for relevant info and it looks like this may have to do with the split operation:


I should have added to my original post that the Radio I’m using the FTM-400 does not support Rig CAT controls, so I’m not using Flrig. Just using the Audio port out of the DigiRig.


I have a Yaesu FTM-300D that I struggled mightily to get to work with VARA FM and my Digirig. The problem is the radio. It will only allow you to use Band B for data connections. Do not try to run split, it will not work. Band B was the only way I could get it to work. I suspect your FTM-4400 is the same.


So, I talked with some HAM Friends and we found some settings in the FTM-400 that control what Memory Band is used for Digitial TX/RX. On the FTM-400 look on page 64 of your users manual. For others look for Data settings and see if you can change these.

FTM-400 settings: From the “SETUP” menu select “DATA”
In the DATA menu the second option is “DATA BAND SELECT”
Select “DATA BAND SELECT” and there are 2 options “APRS” and “DATA”
Each time you touch “DATA” the setting will change in the following order “A-BAND FIX” –> “B-BAND FIX” –> “A=TX/B=RX” –> “A=RX/B=TX” –> “MAIN BAND” –> “SUB BAND” (factory default is “B-BAND FIX”, that would explain why it transmited on the B BAND). Tested and it corrected my issue.

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So which did we use then tx/rx rx etc. You didn’t specify

I used the “Main Band” Option. that allowed the DigiRig to use the main band that was selected on the FTM-400.

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