FTM-400XDR cable?

I just ordered an FTM-400XDR and would appreciate cable advice. I’m new to Yaesu (HF rig is an IC-7300) so am not sure how to control it. I’ve poured thru online docs for the Yaesu but thought that asking here would be a wise start.



Jim, congrats on the new rig. It uses MiniDin10 connector so get this cable:

Coming soon is another MiniDin10 cable with added CAT control lines.

Awesome, thank you Denis for the quick answer. Do you have a swag of when the new cable will be ready? I’m leaning forward in the foxhole but it would be smart of me to wait for the CAT control cable.

Thank you!


Likely around mid-month.

Fantastic! What’s the part number? I’ll order the digirig and the cable from your web site and wait. Anxiously! :slight_smile:



It’s not listed yet. I’ll create a product when I have it on hands to take pictures etc. Please signup for the mailing list on the website to receive the availability updates.

@K0TX would the one with CAT control be Yaesu MiniDin10 9600-baud Data and CAT Cable for Digirig Mobile – digirig ? I also have the FTM-400XDR in my vehicle with a couple of TIDRADIO (Baofeng clones) HTs in the house. I just got the v1.9 Digirig Mobile delivered this week.

That’s the one. Baofeng cables are also available:

Yeah, I have the Baofeng K1 connector cables now just not finding much activity on the 2m or 70cm bands from here at my QTH. I’ve monitored using WSJT-X and even tried to reach one of the Winlink gateways. Some of that is partly because of the distance to the Winlink gateways and the HT not having enough wattage or antenna gain to reach them. My FTM-400XDR may but I need to get the cable for it first.

Hi there,

There’s two cables for the FTM-400xdr. I have the same radio. There is the 10pin to TRRS cable that is a 1200 baud cable or there is the 10 pin (9600 baud) to Cat and Audio cable that is two TRRS cables. There listed in the online store.



Just an additional add…

The 9600 CAT Cable will only work for 9600 Packet and VARA at the present moment on the FTM-400xdr. THis is what I have found through testing.