FTM-6000 and DR

Got the 6k yesterday. Connected it to DR. Runs U/V Wide VARA FM no issues. I am impressed with both. And it takes a lot to impress me

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What are your settings? I’m trying to get VARAFM wide to work with my FTM6000 and Digirig. It works fine in narrow. Works fine with Soundmodem in other apps. But for some reason I can’t get it to work with Wide in VARAFM. I’ve tried messing with the sound volumes and settings in both VARAFM and Windows control panel. For some reason the Input VU meter is maxed out during receive. It does not happen when it goes into transmit. I don’t know what else to try. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Here’s what it looks like

  1. Can you connect to a WL gateway in wide?

  2. Have you paid the VARA Licence fee? Some parts of WL/VARA slowed down because of no license.

  3. On the 6000, go to Menu 16 Packet and set for 9600.

Hope this helps.

And on my setup, I cannot get the mic volume down. But I am connecting. So I do not worry about it.

Is the issue some kind of automatic gain in the FTM-6000R, rather than mic gain in the Digirig?

Please confirm that AGC is unchecked under “custom” tab of Digirig’s recording device.