G90+flrig=instant tx

I had my G90, digirig and flrig working fine for close to a year, but managed to
screw up my system such that I had to start over on a new windows install. I’ve set up flrig and windows to the best of my memory. However, for some reason, when I connect the digirig to windows, making sure (as far as I remember) that flrig is configured correctly, the radio instantly goes into transmit when I start flrig. I vaguely remember going thru this issue when trying to get flrig/digirig set up on Linux nearly a year ago. I don’t remember what the fix was, but I do remember that the problem went away when I moved over to Windows (I was dualboot then, not anymore, windows only). What am I missing?? my nearly 74 y/o brain doesn’t recall… 73 Dave K7DGF

Do you think posting some configuration screens from flrig would help toward answering this question?

73 Constrainted

This has likely to do with RTS signal active in XCVR (CAT control) configuration. That needs to be unchecked. RTS is used for PTT.

This video describes a fix for that exact problem:

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Thanks!! That did it… Working ok now!!

73 K7DGF

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