G90 Receive audio very high

I recently setup a Digirig with my Xiegu G90 to use with wsjt-x.

I am finding that the receive runs very hot, just up past 80 on the wsjt-x meter all the time.

Reducing the level in Windows didn’t make any change.

Lowering the G90 External In setting didn’t make any changes.

Any ideas ?

I did hear from a well known YouTube Ham personality that this is a bug in the digirig that requires a hardware fix, ?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


That’s frustrating. Make sure AGC is off. I use mmsys.cpl in Win11 to set this. If it is still hot after that check, you may have to set the input attenuator:

Digirig Mobile Rev 1.9 – digirig

73 Constrainted