G90 will not tune or transmit with WSJTX

Im running windows 11.

How frustrating! What does File → Setting → Audio → Soundcard
Input and Output show? Do they correspond to the Digirig input and Digirig output?

Also, when you set up File → Settings → Radio CAT control and PTT control, did Test CAT and Test PTT work for you?

Are all of the connectors between your computer, the Digirig, and the radio all pushed in tightly?


Yes. test and ptt work. when you try to transmit or tune.i get that error and radio locks into transmit, I have to turn it off to make it stop.


I had a lot of grief from Windows 11 also. I got it to work one time then couldn’t find the settings again so I switched to an old MacBook and everything works great. Windows 11 likes to hide all the settings in a different location than windows 10. Typical Microsoft.

In email OP mentioned that the error happens on transmit which strongly points to the possibility of RFI disrupting USB. Troubleshooting guide has a section “sticky PTT” which helps confirm and remedy the issue.

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Same here. Love Windows 11, but its a major PITA. So, I loaded everything onto an older but still useful Acer Netbook, installed Win8…everything is happy again. If i could find my Universal 7 installer, I’d toss on 7 Premium and call it a day. My rig PC does ONLY MSHV and fldigi…not especially concerned with security since the only thing it does is go to the web for time.nist.gov. YMMV.