Getting DigiRig to work with MacBook Air and FT-891

I have a new DigiRig and was told it works with Macbook Air laptops. I am successfully decoding signals and the device was recognized immediately when plugged into the USB-C.

I do not have CAT control setup at the moment but was told it was not necessary.

The FT-891 is currently set up to work digital on a Windows 10 Desktop, but the Mac is what I plan to use when going portable.

Can someone please share screenshots of the way your WSJT-X program is configured?

Chris, NS8Q

If you are are using FT-891 without the optional CAT control then your settings in WSJT-X will look something like this (replace COM6 with the reference to Digirig’s serial port in your system):

How do I know which serial port to use? There are multiple listings, and at least four of them pertain to the digirig. As far as I can remember. I don’t have it all connected right at the moment to see which ones are listed, but I suspect they’re all the same no matter which Mac you use. Am I correct?

following command should list serial devices:

ls -l /dev/tty.*

You’ll get something like this:

Digirig port will shown in the list when USB cable is connected and will disappear when disconnected.