Getting setup on a Mac

I am having trouble getting the Mac to see the Hub in the digirig. It sees the sound card but not the serial interface.
Maybe I said that wrong
Is there any drivers I need?
I know my cables are good because it works on a windows machine
MacOS is just not seeing the entire digirig.

The sound card is behind the hub, same as the serial port so the hub is not an issue.
The driver may be. Please find the download link in the setup instructions.

The serial interface should show up in your /dev/tty.* device lists. You can run “ls -lart /dev/tty*” and it will be in the bottom of the list because it will be the newest device. The Audio side should show up in your audio devices.

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Did you get this working?

Yes it is way easier than windows 11

I’m having the same problem. How did you resolve it? Did you end up having to load the driver?

did you ever get this resolved? Ping me if not and I can help you.
73 de K6EF

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