HAM Radio Deluxe, DigiRig and ICOM 718 (Probably all older Icoms)

I am now cranking happily away on HRD with a little DigiRig between my laptop and my IC-718

After lots of integration issues, here’s what I feel were key to finally getting it together.

  1. DigiRig - Order the CI-V configured digirig and the ICOM-706(IC-718 too) unit and cable from the digi store, not the version sold on Amazon - this alone would have saved 5 days.

  2. Follow the Digi setup instructions. Pay attention to the cable connections and sound device names, input and output devices.

  3. When you start HRD or add the new radio, make sure ALL the flow control boxes are UNCHECKED. This STOPPED HRD from going into constant TRANSMIT every time HRD loaded.


  1. On your Radio - HRD recommends “CIV TRN OFF”

Let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to add more.


Congrats on your success and thank you for sharing the info. Super helpful.
I would just add that it is possible to reconfigure Digirig from default configuration to CI-V with modest soldering skills. The video and text instructions are in Amazon listing and Digirig website.

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