Have digirig and cables for alinco dxsr8t, and yaesy ftm-100dr

i have Digi rig and cables for both my radios alnico dxsr8t and yaesu ftm-100dr cannot get them to work with either radio am needing it on alnico for afmars ops and on ftm-100dr for Ares digital ops need advice preferably detailed connecting guidelines.

Hey Steve,

I can help you out with the DX-SR8T as I had the same issue you did. You’re going to need to homebrew a cable as I did. What i did was follow the pin layout of the front mic connector for the PTT and Mic pins as well as ground then find the connections for the headphone jack so that the digirig can hear whats coming from the radio. For CAT control you need to solder the pads for CI-V on the digirig and then make a TRS to TRRS cable coming from the Speaker port into the digirig serial port. For the Yaesu unfortuntely i can’t give any guidance on that one. Let me know if you need any help and I would be happy to help you out on that one but sad to say that radio you’re gonna have to build your own cables.


I’ve recently learned that Alinco DX-SR8T doesn’t have audio output on pin 6 of the mic connector like some other models do so the additional headphones connection is required in Digirig cable. I’m interested to learn about your success with CAT connection. Can you please share the pinouts of the homebrew CAT cable you made?

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Absolutely I can, the CAT control is very rudimentary as Alinco doesn’t have the commands listed anywhere and have kept those to themselves. I will have that uploaded as soon as I can

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