Help Appreciated: TX Trouble FT-818nd and Ft-847D on wsjtx

Good afternoon. This forum has already been a big help with getting the settings adjusted to be able to listen to and decode. I am, however, still not able to get TX to work correctly. Here are a bit of the pertinents:

Challenge: TX will start and will stop shortly after beginning due to a “rig control error” or the PC thinking that the sound card device (DigiRig Mobile) has been disconnected.

OS: Win 11 Pro
Transceiver: Yaesu FT-818nd
DigiRig Version: DigiRig Mobile (ordered within the last few months - have two and both give the same issue)
Cables: Digirig factory cables for FT8xx
Software: wsjtx (mode: WSPR)
Settings (wsjtx):

Settings (radio):
03 9600 MIC - 50
14 CAT RATE - 38400
24 DIG DISP - 0Hz
25 DIG MIC - 50
27 DIG SHIFT - 0Hz
29 FM MIC - 50
39 PKT MIC - 50
40 PKT RATE - 9600
51 VOX GAIN - 50

Steps attempted: Tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers (using driver from Yaesu site - same as recommended in documentation) - no change. Walked through the setup documentation to adjust settings and audio levels, no change. Ttried TX at all power levels (factory antenna being used - good SWR) - no change. Tried using my other DR Mobile - no change. Tried using FT-857D, same issue. Tried adding ferrite choke on DR USB A to USB c cable - no change. Tried using different USB A to C cable - no change.

Oddities: With the recommended drivers, my PC shows the DigiRig on two COM ports. The Tune TX function seems to work (the TX will continue until I choose to stop it and I can hear it if I use headphones plugged into the audio port on the DR Mobile - i hear it only in the right ear, rather than left, which is why my audio setting in wsjtx shows “right”).

I appreciate any help you all can provide and apologize for the essay. If there’s anything I’ve forgotten, please let me know.


This sounds like a case of RFI. You can confirm by trying the same with minimal power and/or into the dummy load. For solutions, please check “sticky PTT” section in the troubleshooting guide.

I appreciate the quick reply, and it matches my suspicion. I will try the lowest power setting and use of a dummy load and report back.

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I ran two quick tests and can confirm that functionality works as expected into a dummy load, at both the lowest and highest TX power. I will take a look at the reference provided in your last post.

I greatly appreciate your help. My hope is to be able to operate portable (on-body) and I suspect that RF will be a challenge in that use case.

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