Help with Winlink for Yaesu FTM-6000R -> Digirig -> Windows 11

Hello, I am a recent Ham and I am working my way through the digital modes! I am running into issues connecting to an RMS Gateway, (14 miles away closest, next closest is 44 miles), using my Yaesu FTM-6000R with a Digirig and DR MiniDin10 cable, connected to my windows 11 machine. I am using SoundModem by UZ7HO. I have included pictures of my settings and such – I think that my issue is my audio levels. For some reason though, neither adjusting the physical volume of my radio nor the volume on the machine for the recording/speaker device, (the Digirig), change the color of my waterfall on the soundmodem. I have heard my transmissions when trying to connect to the RMS gateway go out on another HT on the same frequency, but nothing I try has allowed me to successfully connect to the gateway. If you can offer any advice, that would be much appreciated!

73, Isaac KQ4FIU

If you do not hear any packets returned from the gateway, consider increasing your radio’s Tx power. Also consider tuning to 144.390 MHz to monitor APRS traffic, which soundmodem can decode, as a check on your antenna connection, radio configuration, etc.

Try turning down the Record level in mmsys.cpl. Mine is set to zero on a Digirig 1.9. Make certain AGC is unset. My waterfall shows a green/blue background level, rather than the red/yellow level on yours. For me, only received packets show as yellow/red. The volume knob on the radio does not set the level on the soundcard, but it does set the level you hear from the gateway on the radio’s speaker.

My TX rotation is unset in Settings for soundmodem. My hold pointers box is set, rather than unset, and the DCD Threshold is set so the indicator light does not respond to noise.

My gateways are 7 and 14 miles away.

Your settings look correct and the same as mine for my devices. I would look for the culprit in the windows sound settings. Maybe post those settings. I will hook mine up to my 6000 and see what the settings are for it and get back to you.