Hint for DR and the FT2980

I did have an issue with the DR, patch cable and the 2980. I went into the menu and increased mic gain to 9. Works great.

I do not like it because I have to take cables on and off to go between phone and WL. Why I got the FTM6000 with it’s Digi port. But the cables provide me with backup in case that rig goes RIP…

Do you refer to RJ-12 cable:

Additionally to mic gain, another option is to increase the output level of Digirig’s playback device in the Control Panel.

Cable:. Spot on.

VARA FM settings: Did self tune. The program said: APPROVED!

Passed WL great. Leaving stuff alone.

Thanks for suggestions

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I got a short rj12 patch cable ran that to a rj12 splitter, DR on one side hand mic to other side of splitter. Seems to be working but will do more tests. Eliminated having to swap cables, only thing to remember is to swap to the other band im using for voice and back to the band for digital. Im running a tyt th 9800

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I have a DR working some other radios, I really like how it just works. Was going to order another one for my FT2980. Looks like the standard Logic Levels DR is the one to get for the FT. Am I correct?

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Happy to hear you are enjoying your Digirig.
Yes, logic levels (or any other configuration ) will work for FT2980. The serial CAT interface is not utilized with this transceiver.

Any details on the cable hookups on the FT-2980? Does the mono plug go to the back of the radio, or to the audio port on the digirig?

The TRRS goes to audio on the DR. Other goes back of the rig

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