Homebrew cable for (tr)uSDX

Based on this connectors pinout chart:

And Digirig’s audio connector pinout:


The custom audio/PTT cable should look like this:

Please follow up with your results if you end up building one.

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Are you going to offer these?

Sure, with enough interest. I’ll need a confirmation of a working prototype first.
Anybody tried this yet?

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Has this cable been confirmed? I’m awaiting delivery of my (tr)uSDX and am interested in the coiled cable version from digirig.

I am waiting for my (tr)uSDX to arrive as well. Do you have the pinout for the v1.5 of the DigiRig? Or would that one need two cables like for a G90 etc?

Here’s Rev 1.5 schematic with pinout.
digirig-mobile-1_5-schematic.pdf (91.0 KB)

And yes, the PTT has to be specifically configured and it will be on the serial socket.
More info in this post.

I am interested in a cable for the (tr)usdx as well.