Homebrew cable for (tr)uSDX

Based on this connectors pinout chart:

And Digirig’s audio connector pinout:


The custom audio/PTT cable should look like this:

Please follow up with your results if you end up building one.

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Are you going to offer these?

Sure, with enough interest. I’ll need a confirmation of a working prototype first.
Anybody tried this yet?

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Has this cable been confirmed? I’m awaiting delivery of my (tr)uSDX and am interested in the coiled cable version from digirig.

I am waiting for my (tr)uSDX to arrive as well. Do you have the pinout for the v1.5 of the DigiRig? Or would that one need two cables like for a G90 etc?

Here’s Rev 1.5 schematic with pinout.
digirig-mobile-1_5-schematic.pdf (91.0 KB)

And yes, the PTT has to be specifically configured and it will be on the serial socket.
More info in this post.

I am interested in a cable for the (tr)usdx as well.

I can verify that the hookup diagram does indeed work with the (tr)usdx. My cable looks a bit janky so I will be buying an offical digirig cable when it comes out.

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And I too would like (tr)uSDX cables when they become available. So I will need to modify one of my Digirigs and change the PTT to work with the (tr)uSDX??

Bill, Can you send me pictures so I can make mine if they are not available for purchase?

I went the no soldering required route to build my using these items
Two of these (came in package of two)

One of these

Here is a link to a photo of it.

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great, let me see what I can do…did you have to modify your actual Digirig board?

Nope, not all all. I believe I have the latest rev board.

The cable only connects to the audio socket on Digirig so you can use it with any configuration of the serial port.

This cable is now available in store:

W4MRL, Thanks for posting the links and the photo of your cable. I am confused that while the photo shows:

1.TRRS plug with no label
2. TRS plug with white label
3. TRS plug with white label

the amazon link is for a 2 pin screw terminal connected to a TS plug. I do not see a TS plug in the photo, or am I mistaken?

Your photo shows hardware which could correspond to K0TX’s hand drawn schematic connector arrangement for the Digirig 1.9. I do not think someone can build that with the screw terminal cable Amazon link shown.

Maybe this one is a better choice for the screw terminal:

Amazon.com: Poyiccot 3.5mm Speaker Wire Adapter, 3.5mm (1/8") 4 Pole Stereo TRRS Male Jack to AV 4 Screw Terminal Block Balun Connectors Cable 30cm (3.5mm M/ 4pin) : Electronics

Again, I may be completely wrong here, missing something basic.