How do I modify for Digirig the "Quick setup guide for VARA FM for Winlink (Express) on Signalink on Windows"?

Sound Card for Signalink: Do not select Signalink as the default audio device. Question: What about Digirig?
Sound Card for Signalink: Make sure that Signalink is not your active Playback Device. Q: What about Digirig?
VARA FM Winlink Settings (for Signalink): Set Select Radio Model “Manual.” Q: What about Digirig?

Same, do not set the Digirig as the default audio.

Do not set Digirig as the default playback device.

Depends on the radio:
Yes for all HTs and any radio where you choose not to use CAT control.
No for radios where you choose to use CAT control for frequency, etc.

73 Constrainted

For radio: Yaesu VX-6!

Yaesu VX-6 is an HT (Handi-Talkie) so set it to Manual.

73 Constrainted