How should I make the CI-V cable of IC-2730A? Can you send me a circuit diagram?

My Digirig v1.9 PCB board and all chips and electronic components have been soldered, and the transmitting and receiving tests have been completed with a homemade Y-shaped connecting cable, it WORKS well as expected. Now I need to know how to make a CI-V cable, the cable from the Digirig Serial jack to the radio device SP2 jack.

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Most Icom transceivers have a dedicated 3.5mm CI-V jack, where the bidirectional CI-V signal is on the tip of the TRS plug. The IC-2730 is different, where the CI-V signal is on the RING of the SP-2 (outside) 3.5mm TRS speasker jack.


Thanks. To put it simply, it is T-R, R1-R, S-S. This order is correct, right?

From the Digirig web page, it seems that this diode is only required for versions prior to 1.5.

re. Diode: yes, from rev 1.6 it’s on board and enabled by setting Digirig up for CI-V.


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