"How-To" - Digirig Configuration for Windows 10 & 11

To save new or non-techie Hams the nightmare of getting a Digirig to play nice with Windows, I wrote a couple of very detailed “How-To” documents complete with screenshots.

You can find the documents here
You can read about my struggles with Windows here

I hope someone finds them useful.



Thank you for your submission. Lots of operators prefer a printed manual so this will be a great resource. A few notes:

In the Windows settings I recommend moving the default device and default communication device from Digirig components to computer’s regular speaker and mic.

Also “listen” checkbox can be useful in the initial setup/troubleshooting stage. Some operators might prefer to keep it enabled initially to monitor the incoming audio. This will work with the correct defaults assignments (previous point).



Thanks for taking the time to review my docs and give valuable feedback.
I will update them with the changes you advised.

Keep rockin’ the Ham world with your genius!


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“How-To” documents updated with your requested changes.
You can find them here.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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A man after my own heart! This is what we called “sharing the knowledge.” I’ve been down these paths and it took time, reading, watching YouTube, and collaborating with friends. You’ve help a lot of people, I’m sure. Good job! de WN7D

Thanks for the kind words Brian.
There will be a lot more “How-To’s” up on the site in the next couple of weeks.

I am committed to making tech easier for new Ham’s and those who are non-techs.


I thought I’d add that in the Win 10/11 differences, one thing you didn’t cover was sound device permissions in 11. I’ve helped several ops that had a permissions issue.

Otherwise, my feedback on the docs is that they are really no different than any other USB device. The notable difference would be the next how to… rig control (ptt.)

While you didn’t delve into level setting, you do mention setting the levels “high.” That is actually the opposite of my guidance to operators that have issues. I start them on the recording device while VARA is open and have them slide up from zero until the needle is at 2 o’clock. I then have them set playback to 5 and have them run an autotune. If no response (or the other station doesn’t hear them) I increase by 10 and rerun, reiterating until a suitable level is reached.

It’s interesting to me that you experienced such issues with so many devices. I have configured against a range of transceivers (IC-718, 7300, FTM100DR, FTM6000R, VX6, FT3DR, TYT9000s, Baofengs, etc.,) with the only hump being the attenuator or not.

I like the info. I will have to double check my settings on my Win 10 laptop, because I am having trouble getting Winlink Express to operate properly. I have a suspicion that it may be just a minor Windows setting that is off. Thank you.
Chris - KE4WRN

I have updated my Windows 10/11 “How-To” based on the great feedback from Denis and others. I posted another “How-To” (How-To_Winlink_VARA_Digirig) on my web site. Hope this is useful to others.


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Thanks so much for your great docs that helps me to mind up from newbie level 0 to level 1.
Does anyone tried to run the Winlink suite over a VM (but sorry this is not a Digirig related post) - or point me to the right forum.
73s, Ben