How to get Digirig to work with FT8 on the mac

I’ve just purchased the Kenwood digirig set from Gigaparts, and I am trying to get this to work with my TS-2000. Are there any radio specific settings that I need to pay attention to so that my radio will communicate with the device? I’ve set the baud rate to 57600, but I’m not sure where WSJTX is concerned what hardware/software settings that I might need to use. I’ve tried to find out if there are any specific parameters that I might need to adjust, but 'm not finding any documentation that relates to any specific digirig model. I am totally blind and so I do use some adaptive screen-reading software that converts the text into audible speech. My goal is to get the TS-2000, and WSJTX to work properly on the mac. Any help that I could get would be appreciated.

Before setting up optional CAT control I would recommend configuring everything else without it (RIG=NONE, PTT=RTS) and making sure you can get some QSOs.

When it comes to CAT settings, the baud rate must match between the software (WSJT-X) and the setting in the transceiver. From the manual it appears to be under menu #57. 9600 baud is known to work well based on several reports. Other speeds should be good too.

Other settings: Data Bits = Eight, Stop Bits = One, Handshake: None, DTR: blank, RTS: blank, PTT: RTS, Port: [select one from Digirig], Mode: None, Split: None