How to test audio out

So, I just started doing direwolf.

I have 2 radios. One radio is just for monitoring. I have it set to 145.615 as a test
The other radio, is the one I’m doing direwolf on. It is a Yaesu FT-2980. I have the correct cable, and the RJ-11 is plugged into the Mic and the jack is plugged into the speaker. It is also set to 145.615. I chose this frequency because I just wanted to test the setup.

FYI: the ptt is on /dev/ttyUSB0, and PTT works just fine. I can see the radio go into TX mode, and the other radio sees it.

My sound card is plughw:3,0 and verified with arecord -l
alsamixer for the PnP Audio Device (Digirig) is set and not muted.

direwolf when it runs triggers a packet to be sent and the radio goes into TX but I hear no packet audio on my monitoring radio.

How do I test (non radio wise) the output audio of the digirig – like say with a speaker or something to see if I am getting audio out?

Jerry WF5W

Congratulations on getting PTT working!

A good place to start is Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig

which has this section:

  1. test audio with headphones** – plug a regular 3.5mm stereo headphones into Digirig’s audio socket and initiate transmit cycle. You’ll hear digital mode sounds on the right side, this indicates your software and Digirig are working as expected

Your monitor radio’s input may be saturated by the signal from the radio-under-test. Try transmitting into a dummy load, or removing the antenna from the monitor radio. I have only had success with digital modes on HTs by using a remote antenna, like a roll-up Jpole or a 1/4 wave magmount. Make sure AGC is unset and squelch 0.

Let us know how things work out!

73 Constrainted

ok. I plugged in a set of headphones. And I get audio out. And packet!

my two antennas are 50 ft from one another, one is on one side of the house and the other is on the other side.

Should I receive packet noise on my monitoring radio? Or do I need to get someone else to monitor that is a longer ways out?

I have monitored with a hand-held, and my regular radio. Both opened the squelch but no audio in from either radio.

I have two cables but both apparently are bad.

I will order a new cable.

Most of the cables have the schematic published in the product page so you can check that before purchasing more.

Are you able to hear the station you are configuring while using voice?

Yes. I tx’d with a mic so it is good.

I should be getting my new cable today.

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