How to use B channel on radio

I am using my digirig with a Yaesu FTM-500DR via Soundmodem for both Winlink and packet (with a terminal program). Everything is working great but I’d like to switch to have the data use the B channel on my radio.

It’s not clear if this requires a hardware/cable change or if it is just a configuration issue. I’ve tried various combinations of settings but haven’t gotten it to work.

Does this require a Winlink setting? A Soundmodem setting? A new cable?

Thanks in advance…

Without having any experience with your specific transceiver model I can tell you that there is no specific hardware or anything that I came across in the ham radio software that would address a specific VFO on your radio. Normally it’s whatever VFO currently active is the one that gets the payload on the air.

You can also check in the user group specific to your radio: