HP EliteBook, FT-891, Digirig setup worked twice, but no longer

I have an HP Elitebook with Win 10 Pro, and am using it with my Digirig and Yaesu FT-891. I am using the cables that I purchased from Digirig. I had it working on two occasions. Then the parts stopped recognizing one another. The CAT is set to COM6 and the Digiri is on COM4. I see data streaming in the left window of WSJT-X, but cannot transmit. I took a couple of screen shots, but I can’t find where I saved them. Thank you for any help. 73 de David AE4LH

Screenshots are a good way to share configurations.

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73 Constrainted

I’m watching Joseph’s (K3ARK) video…again. to CAT or not to CAT