I do not see any PORTS - G90 Radio Win 10 OS

I have a Digirig and cables that works great on my Lenovo Win 10 OS, and my Android 10 tablet with my G90 transceiver.

Just received a new mini laptop with Win 10 as it’s OS. I fire everything up like my Lenovo and I get CP2102N USB to UART BRIDGET CONTROLLER under OTHER DEVISES and USB PnP SOUND DEVICE under SOUND VIDEO, AND GAME CONTROLLERS. Again I have my USB to USB c cable only plugged into my Digirig. No Ports show up.

Here is a link to what the Device Manager screen looks like.

Any thoughts? :grinning:
JohnyMac KC1FWU

You’ll need to install CP210x driver. The link is in the getting started guide.