IC-706 Cable Connections

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I have an Icom 706 (original version) and am using the digi-rig cables to connect the ACC and CIV port to my digi-rig. Everything has worked tremendously well so far. Mostly used the rig on FT8 and Winlink.

I am looking to build it out into a rack mounted kit, and one component I may add is the MFJ-1708-SDR switch so that I can use an RSP1A to capture the the whole HF spectrum. Maybe tie into some form of rig control etc.

I am not interested in using the RF Sense functionality as I don’t trust it based on reviews, and would like to have a control line from my 706 to the MFJ-1708. The issue, is the ACC slot is used for the Digirig cables.

I am open to the idea of opening up the ACC 13pin Din cable to splice in another line that goes to the control port on the MFJ-1708. I assume that wouldn’t cause any issues … right?

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions on how to connect the Icom 706 to both the digirig and the MFJ-1708 at the same time?

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I’m guessing you are tapping the SEND signal out of the ACC connector to tell MFJ-1708-SDR when to activate.

I’d probably be tapping it on the interface side of Digirig’s cable because 3.5mm TRRS connectors are easier to work with than 13pin MiniDins. You can make a splitter with female TRRS for interface side of the Digirig’s cable that connects all lines to male TRRS connector for Digirig’s audio socket and PTT/GND tail with RCA connector to the switch.

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This is incredibly helpful thank you!
Frankly I didn’t know what pin to utilize but that makes sense that it would be the SEND pin.
I wasn’t able to find one, do you have a wiring diagram of the IC-706 cable specifically? Im curious and don’t want to open it up.

Here’s the pinout of Digirig cable:

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Thank you! Your support is stellar!

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