IC-706MKII No Audio,

I have been trying to set up the digrig with my IC-706kMKII, but the CAT control works I have no audio.
The cables I got I got a black right angle instead of the green in the description photo.
The audio device shows up in Windows 10, I am not sure where what to try next.


There is a guide Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig which can help you take a step-by-step approach to isolate and solve each problem.

Did you order the cables from @K0TX at Digirig?

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Yes, I ordered the cables from @K0TX.
I tried everything on that list. there is audio coming out of the digrig. I also tried the cable on my IC-7300, also no audio.
My other sound card interface that plugs into the ACC port works on both radios


Additional audio troubleshooting tips can be found here:

The product page for the cables has the pinout. If you have a continuity tester/multimeter then check that all the connections within the audio cable to rule it out as a problem.

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This is so frustrating, I can use the digrig cable from the radio to an external speaker, i get audio.
Hooking up the digrig an external speaker I can get audio out.

Hook up the radio to the digrig I get no audio, even from the loop back on the listen to this device.
I have tried two different computers same results.


Here is the pinout from the product page:

Please check that all connections are working. Note that the view from the pins side is mirrored.

I checked the continuity on the audio cable and it looks fine.

Is this the same issue with no received audio from transceiver regardless if you are on FM or SSB?

Yes, only through the digrig. using the cable and plugging in the external speaker I get audio.

Let’s look at Digirig’s recording device properties in the Control Panel. Can you share the screenshots?

Also there may be option in Windows privacy settings preventing the apps’ access to the mic device. Check that out.

I’m going to take a wild guess - check MENU #29 and be sure it is set to 1200 baud. Then check MENU #30 for the SEND (PTT) and I have mine set to “OFF” so VSEND is not used and all SEND (PTT) is done via HSEND.
Does anything work OK on VHF/UHF and FM?
Or is the problem only on HF and SSB mode?

I have an Icom 706MIIG and can try my DigiRig.
I think there might be a problem with the RADIO’s PTT port - normally a RTS going “high” on the sound card closes a transistor switch (or maybe like on a SignaLink) an actual physical relay. The PTT pin must go to GROUND, not nearly ground as some switching transistors can do.

Tell us exactly what the problem is - and HOW you are trying to achieve a PTT (send). Likely it is NOT with a CAT command to transmit - as I don’t think the Icom 706MIIG can do that.
agn, this is a guess,
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Oh…. I always used the 6 pin MINI DIN socket, not the 13 pin socket.

Likely there is a problem with the PTT on the 13 pin socket on the RADIO, not in the DigiRig sound card.

Can you try the cable that attached to the 6 pin socket first? That carries Tx audio, Rx audio, a PTT and a ground. Pin 4 is only for 9600 baud. Pin 5 is for 1200 baud and that is what I use even for VARA FM (narrow).

I’ll bet the 6 pin cable will work on both HF (USB) and VHF/UHF FM.

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To follow up with an obvious comment.
IF you are getting RECEIVE audio on pin 4 (the 9600 baud pin that is only available on FM mode on VHF/UHF) then of course that pin 4 is not getting receive audio out on HF SSB.

So use the cable that always connects to pin 5 (speaker like audio) on the 6 pin MINI DIN socket and I think this Digirig will get receive audio fine.
There is no audio on HF SSB mode on pin 4 of the 6 pin socket.

The Icom manual sort of hints on that issue - pin 4 (9600) receive audio is ONLY available on FM modes for the wide-bandwidth 9600 packet or VARA FM “wide”.

best of luck getting this solved - usually the answer is simple like MENU 29 must be set to 1200 baud. That will route receive audio to pin 5

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I have an Icom 706 MIIG but do not usually hook it up to a Digirig sound card. I typically use a DRA SR (Masters Communications) and have no problems using sound card modes on HF SSB or VHF/UHF FM with the appropriate software (Fldigi, WSJT-X, Winlink Express).

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I have a IC-706MK not the G version, the IC-706MKIIG introduced the 6-pin MINI DIN (TNC Port) and the set menu past #28

Both the IC-706MK and my IC-7300 work with my NW Digital radio DRAWS with the 13 Pin DIN it’s a 1200 baud wired cable if that makes a difference.

The Digrig audio does not work with IC-706MK and the IC-7300, Yes I know IC-7300 has USB but it was for testing.

I got digrig cable for my Kenwood D710 and 74, and both cables work. I get audio out of both cables.

so I know the digrig works with at least two other radios, I know the Icom radios 13 Pin DIN works from that other setup. That narrows it down to the digrig 13 Pin DIN Icom cable audio cable I would think.

The IC-706MKII does have CAT transmit. I can use wfview and WSJTX to sent PTT commands and it will go in to transmit.


If you suspect an issue with the cable, you can test it against the schematic in the product page. Keep the perspective in mind - the view is mirrored when accessing from pins side.

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Oh…. and one more item.
On my (non DigiRig) Sound Card cable, it has all 6 wires hooked up. So the sound card always “sees” pin 4 (9600 baud) and pin 5 (1200 baud) but of course, inside the sound card itself (SignaLink or Digital Radio Adapter DRA) you must manually select RX audio via pin 4 or pin 5 (not both).

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